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Our Vision

Narasu's Spinning Mills

Narasu’s Group of companies was established in 1935 with coffee trading as its main business.  the brand name Narasu became popular and familiar in India and overseas for its consumer and industrial products. For multiple decades our customers, product users and business associates got to recognize and associate with the brand Narasu’s with quality, consistency and excellent customer service. We are proud to say that our brand “Narasu’s” is a symbol for every household of an indian. Acquiring business knowledge from our years of experience, we diversified into other activities such as hospitality, flour milling, jewelry and many other businesses including spinning in 1991

How the firm was established:

In 1991, the founders, late Sri. K.R. Ramanujam and late Sri. R. Visweswaran initiated a new company – Narasu’s Spinning Mills. The company is located in Omalur Taluk in Salem District, Tamilnadu, India. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has experienced growth in sales volume. The company improved and increased its market sales year after year. There was no looking back since the inception.

Late Sri R. Visweswaran underwent management and labour training from different spinning mills in Salem for the experience. One of the companies where took practical training for 2 years is from Thambi modern

The company’s infrastructure has a high superstructure and the interiors are spacious to facilitate daily operations. Narasu’s management is dedicated and works full-time. In-house procedures have been developed and are strictly followed by all. The team of employees is experienced and qualified and performs all assigned tasks with great precision.  They are willing to adapt, meet all system requirements and follow procedures established by the company. They are trained and familiar with the process controls in all phases of production,  which results in  good cooperation between man and machine. In the three decades of continuously supplying different markets around the Globe, the company has acquired immense knowledge and understanding of the needs of all the customers. In these three decades, By these experiences, the company has learned to overcome obstacles of any kind, by applying practical solutions to problems/problems.


We are a closely-knit family business, managed by its capable partners. In day-to-day operations, the company was managed by late Sri. K.R. Ramanujam and late Sri. R. Visweswaran, both of whom have vast experience and expertise due to their years of business experience. The company is currently managed by V. Pranav and V. Varun, who are joint managing partners. The current managing partners of the company have gained experience and knowledge from their experienced forefathers as trainees and are successfully running the company.


From the beginning of the company, our strategy has been to install the latest machines, and we do not hesitate to replace them with the latest available technology whenever needed.

The installed machines have the highest level of automation to achieve our goal of “Best in Quality” and to satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign customers


Our motto is “QUALITY AND QUALITY FIRST”.” To achieve our goal, we focus most on the selection of raw materials with the best quality. As a basic decision, one of our partners himself directly visits the cotton growing area – SPOT – and passes the bales based on the test results in his presence. After receiving the bale, each bale is tested in our laboratory to ensure its quality. (after each bale is tested, the particular lot is selected for the particular counts as per its cotton properties)  We always use the best available domestic cotton from MP, Maharashtra, Andhra and Karnataka for our 100% Cotton Yarn Production mostly in the range of 40/1 to 60/1 counts ( both Karded and Combed).


Our goal is to maintain the highest standard in the process at every stage, with the utmost care in all areas with regular quality and operational maintenance. As a result, we have followed the strict standard practices established by international standards- equaling Uster Standards with agencies such as M/s. Control Union to obtain our certifications.

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